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From the desk of CEO Josh Armstrong to all current Employees: Thank you!

To All Employees:

First and foremost, thank you for being a part of our team.  On this Employee Appreciation Day, I wanted to reach out and personally thank you every person who has worked for United Services Group for your commitment to our team.  We are grateful for each and every one of you!  You have the ability to work for any company you choose, and we are glad you have chosen to work with us!

When Steve and I came together in 2013 to form United Services Group, we envisioned a specialty services company based on service excellence.  This philosophy was driven by three things: being the safest company in the industry, providing the best quality in the industry, and most importantly, the individuals who we employed.

We knew the foundation of this idea and company needed to be and start with its employees.  We knew we wanted hard-working, safety and quality focused individuals who would be an extension of ourselves in our home office and our job-sites.  With each of you, we have been able to provide the best service within our industry from day one.

As we continue to make an impact on our industry, growth is inevitable.  As we move forward in our fourth full year of business, we cannot rest on our laurels.  As we continue to expand our business and further grow in our industry, I look to each of you to help teach the values of United Services Group.  We will continue to challenge each one of you to provide the safest, quality-driven services to each of our customers.

As a company, we have always empowered each of you to have a voice, to make recommendations, and help steer this company to the top of the industry.  This ideology will not change. Your ambitions and ideas have helped us grow to be the best services contractor within the Power industry. 

I am humbled by each of your commitment to Team United and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.  Thank you for committing to our vision of being the best in the industry in all we do.  We will continue to recognize and honor you moving forward.

Continue to achieve success,

Josh Armstrong
Chief Executive Officer
Co-Owner and Founder of United Services Group

About United Services Group
United Services Group offers union and non-union field welding and field machining services with expertise in maintenance, life extension, specialty engineering and new construction applications.  We have expertise in multiple industries including both nuclear and fuel power generation, pipeline, petrochemical, refineries and other industrial markets.  For more information, visit our website at

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