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From the desk of COO Stephen Gillman to all current Employees: Thank you!

To All Employees,

Thank you for your commitment to United Services Group.  Our business is driven by work performance. Our clients turn to us to help keep their projects on schedule and under budget because of the quality of work we provide.  This is in large part to each and every one of you.  I could not be more honored to work with each of you.  Thank you for your commitment to United Services Group.  I am thankful for every employee, the past, present or future, who continue to drive the core values of United Services Group.

At the beginning stage of our company, we emphasized the desire to be the safest company in our industry.  As of today, we have been in business for over 1,300 days, with each of them being a safe work day.  We continue to encourage by each of your commitment to completing your work in the safest way possible.  I thank you for this.  Over our first year years in business, we have accumulated more than 600,000 consecutive safe work hours because of your commitment to safety.  Again, thank you.

Our industry is driven by work performance. Our clients turn to us to help keep their projects safe, on schedule, and under budget.  I continually challenge you to drive our safety culture and take a daily commitment to providing the safest work possibly.  Continue to challenge yourself and co-workers to take a safety-minded approach to each task they perform

Last year, I released a video, letting you know our clients and customers have the ultimate confidence in our organization to take care of their specialty welding and machining needs for their projects.  A year later, because of each of you, I think their confidence level in our organization has only grown exponentially.

We continue to have the opportunity to provide our welding and machining expertise to our clients because of each of you.  Your safety and quality performance has driven the growth in our organization.  Josh and I are tremendously thankful for our commitment to our team. 

We appreciate each one of you every day of the year.  We thank you for helping grow United Services Group into the industry’s best specialty services contractor.  Our employees have been the backbone of our business from the start and will continue to be.  Thank you for encouraging all of us to strive to be the best.

Continue to be the answer,

Stephen Gillman
Chief Operating Officer
Co-Owner and Founder of United Services Group

About United Services Group
United Services Group offers union and non-union field welding and field machining services with expertise in maintenance, life extension, specialty engineering and new construction applications.  We have expertise in multiple industries including both nuclear and fuel power generation, pipeline, petrochemical, refineries and other industrial markets.  For more information, visit our website at

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