About Us

About Us

United Services Group is the parent company of United Energy Services, our non-union division, and United Technical Services, our union division.  We are a full-service specialty contractor serving general contractors and Utilities in the Nuclear, Fossil, Natural Gas, Solar, and Petrochemical Industries.

United Services Group provides our customers with a partner with over 200 years of combined experience in the power generation market.  We deliver value to our clients by providing a partner that offers multiple specialty services from a single supplier.  We pride ourselves in providing our clients with accurate cost assessments as well as confident scheduling for your projects.  These assessments along with our field experience enables us to plan our projects to be completed on time, ahead of schedule, and under budget.

Safety is our first and most important company value.  We have made a company commitment to safety and our employees work performance is driven by this responsibility.  Our daily safety topics are discussed in all pre-job as well as post-job briefs, both on-site and in our home office.  Our staff is an integral part of our safety culture and we encourage them to take a hands-on approach while in our home office, on a field assignment and through the development of safety processes for continual company improvement.

United Services Group holds both the ASME S-Stamp and National Board R-Stamp Certificates of Authorization.  Our quality assurance program meets the requirements of ASME NQA-1 and 10 CFR 50 Appendix B.  We set ourselves apart from the competition by building a team of skilled employees and not just assembling a workforce.  Our craftsmen are specialized in their skill sets and our supporting staff is cross-trained to honor our commitment to providing our customers with superior service.

Our core company services include specialty welding, specialty machining, equipment rental and staff augmentation (Welders, Machinists, Pipefitters and Project Oversight).  The United Services Group team has been built on years of experience as well as years of industry project situations and we are always striving for new and innovative ways to improve our overall safety, quality and productivity.  These concentrated focuses allow us to meet our customer’s specific needs and work specifications.

Ultimately, our mission is simple:  Achieve Service Excellence for our clients and provide them with four major keys:  safety, quality, effectiveness, and affordability.  United Services Group provides our customers with a partner that unites with them to assure their project scope is completed in accordance with their specifications.

Our Mission Statement

Our company mission is to unite with our clients to achieve service excellence.  Our commitment is to provide quality services to the power industry with the highest focus on safety, quality, effectiveness, and affordability.

Our Company Vision

Our company vision is to be the industry leader in excellence.  We intend to partner with our customers to provide them with cost effective and quality options for all of their specialty service needs.  We intend to provide our clients and partners these services by adhering to our company values of commitment, integrity, teamwork, quality and safety.