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Half A Million Hours with Zero Lost Time

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA (November 15, 2016)  – United Services Group has surpassed a half a million (500,000) man hours without any lost-time accident or recordable injuries.  Beginning when United Services Group opened its doors in September 2013, United has made safety our most important company core value and vision.  We have made a company commitment to safety and our work performance is driven by this responsibility daily.

“We are thankful to reach this milestone within our organization, but the credit belongs to our tremendous team.” Josh Armstrong, Chief Executive Officer, said.  “We encourage each member of our team to take a hands-on approach while they are on our job-sites.  The teams of craft personnel we employ are safety-minded individuals who help us prevent accidents before they happen.  It’s because of their commitment that we were able to reach this milestone.”

United Services Group is committed to safety excellence on all of our job-sites.  The vision of all projects being accident-free projects starts at the very top of our organization with our owners, Josh Armstrong and Stephen Gillman.  Through their message, our employees work performance is driven by their responsibility to a safety-first mentality.

Stephen Gillman, Chief Operating Officer on the milestone stated “Our safety culture is a reflection of the people we employ.  Safety is a team effort which requires daily buy-in from every member of our organization.  I am always pleased to sit down with our customers and partners and tell them that their projects are being performed by the safest team in the industry.”

Our safety commitment is to our employees, our customers, and the environment.  We will never waver on our mission to deliver safety excellence in all aspects of our organization.

Thank you to every member of Team United who has taken part in helping us achieve this milestone.  Though we are very thankful for the first 500,000 consecutive hours without a lost-time injury, our mission isn’t over.  Please continue to strive for to provide the safest work in the industry.  Continue to start each job with one simple question:  Is this task as safe as it can be?



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United Services Group offers union and non-union field welding and field machining services with expertise in maintenance, life extension, specialty engineering and new construction applications.  We have expertise in multiple industries including both nuclear and fuel power generation, pipeline, petrochemical, refineries and other industrial markets.  For more information, visit our website at

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