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Safety Tips: The Fourth of July

Happy Birthday, America! 

The Fourth of July is a huge holiday weekend for many – spending time with family and friends, heading to the beach, barbecuing and of course fireworks! However, all of these activities present an opportunity for injuries to happen.  So before you light off any fireworks or fire up your grill this holiday, take time out to make sure you are taking the necessary safety precautions to keep yourself safe as well as your friends and family. 

We have compiled a small list of safety tips for your holiday weekend adventures as well as a few additional sources for more information!

As always at United, safety is our top priority!  We want our team to return to work the same way you left for your holiday weekend.  Please be safe!

4th of July Safety Tips:
  1. Keep the kids away from the fireworks at all times, and keep spectators at a safe distance. Attending fireworks displays organized by professionals is always safe than trying to put on your own show.
  2. Use Alcohol Responsibly. Alcohol and fireworks can be a hazardous and dangerous combination. Have a designated drive to bring party-goers home from the festivities.  Also note:  Alcohol and swimming combined is just as dangerous as drinking and driving.
  3. Review safe boating practices. Be sure to have the adequate number of life preservers on hand for extra guests and become familiar with boating laws in your area. Don’t drink and drive on your boat as it is illegal to operate your boat while under the influence.
  4. Cover food and beverages while outdoors to discourage bees and other insects from attending your party.
  5. Apply sunscreen before and during an outdoor party. UV rays can cause painful burn the next day and could cause skin cancer in the long term.  Dermatologists recommend a minimum SPF of 15.
  6. Drink plenty of water to avoid heat illness in hot climates. Spend adequate time indoors or in the shade.  The risk of heat illness is increased when participating in strenuous activity or sports.  Alcohol consumption can also promote dehydration and increase the risk.
  7. Keep children away from campfires and grills.
  8. Don’t leave food out all day. U.S. FDA suggests never leaving food out more than one hour when temps are above 90 degrees. Allowing food to sit out in temperatures can invite food-borne illness.
  9. Be a safe swimmer. Never swim alone and make sure the kid’s water play is adequately supervised at all times.
  10. Keep pets indoors.

Interesting Sites with Additional Tips and Information:

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