Josh Armstrong


Josh Armstrong
Chief Executive Officer

Joshua Armstrong is the chief executive officer of United Services Group.  He co-founded United Services Group in 2013, bringing more than 18 years of process industry expertise, leadership and executive management experience to his role within the company.

Currently, Armstrong oversees the strategic direction of United Services Group and its subsidiaries.

Until 2013, he served as the Vice President of Business Development, at Wachs Services, where he supported the company’s growth through the development of strategic business partnerships.  In his final year at Wachs Services, he helped guide them to their most profitable year as a company.

Before that, Josh built a reputation in the process industry on hard work.  He has grown up in the process industry.  Josh’s first job in the industry was a welder and machinist for Wachs Technical Services.  He worked various jobs throughout the United States over many years.

He spent the next five years of his career building a reputation through quality.  He worked his way through the company, building his knowledge of quality control.  He worked closely with all the company inspectors and the company’s projects; while maintaining all quality procedures, programs, and certifications.

Through his well-roundness in all aspects of the business, Josh was promoted to Vice President of Operations where he stepped in and built client relationships while providing each customer with superior specialty service.  He built a corporate mentality of providing exceptional quality to each of his customers.

In 2013, Armstrong and Stephen Gillman saw a shift in the contractors in the industry.  They decided to open United Services Group to fill the gap created and to provide a culture of service excellence.  This excellence would be built on quality craftsmanship performed safely.

In 2015, they expanded their operation to include pre- and post-weld heat treating services along with their initial services: welding, machining and manpower support.

A native of North Carolina, Josh currently resides in Mooresville, North Carolina with his wife, Candace and two sons, Ethan and Dylan.