Kerrie Holden


Kerrie Holden
Business Development

Kerrie Holden is the executive officer manager of United Services Group.  She joined United Services Group in 2013 as the first official employee of United Services Group. 

Due to her strong work ethic, Josh and Steve brought Kerrie on board to their new team because they knew her as a self-starter poised to built the necessary infrastructure to help grow United into the best specialty services contractor.

Currently, as executive officer manager, Kerrie handles all the day to day operations for United Services Group and its subsidiaries.  She is the company’s point of contact for all business inquiries, vendors, and licensing.  She manages all aspects of United Services Group and subsidiaries licensing from Contractor’s Boards

Additionally, Kerrie wears many hats within the organization.  She is always there to help tie up any loose strings necessary to keep the company moving in the right direction.  She manages the company’s safety and quality manuals.  She also works closely with our safety and insurance teams.  She oversees our OSHA logs, Medical Facilities, and Worker’s Compensation claims.

Over the past year, she has worked closely with the Business Development team, even closing a few sales on recent projects.

Before starting with United, Kerrie spent over 5 years at Wachs Services, serving as first the Executive Assistant for the entire company.  She oversaw all aspects of senior executives scheduling, travel, and meetings. 

While at Wachs, she saw the need for an administrative professional to keep the projects running smoothly.  Her strong work ethic and self-starter mentality lead to a promotion and development of the Office Manager position at Wachs.  Among her tasks, she handled all state licensing, vendor prequalification, proposal coordination, and insurance certificates.  Additionally, she managed all administrative support personnel. 

Prior to her Wachs success, Kerrie spent three years with two other organizations.  She served both companies as their Office Manager.  Her last position at X.M. International, she flourished as a one-person office.  Handling all logistics, order processing, and sales.  Furthermore, she built relationships with vendors while managing all day to day operations of the business.

Kerrie, a native of Charlotte, North Carolina, currently lives in Stanley, NC with her husband, Donald, and their two daughters, Carlee (13) and Caroline (4).