Client Testimonials

United Services Group values our client and vendor relationships and we strive daily to build and grow these relationships to be mutually beneficial and rewarding for all involved.  Find out why companies are choosing United Services Group for all their specialty needs.


I am writing to commend your team on a job tremendously well done.  Both our team at Mitsubishi and our client were astounded by how quickly your team was able to complete the four purge valve replacements during this outage.  The task of replacing four fuel purge valves is no easy feat, to begin with.  But, with our products getting held up in customs, performing this work with the strict deadline we had to return the plant back to the Grand River Dam Authority felt impossible.  Honestly, as an organization, we really thought we had only enough time to replace two of the four purge valves during this outage and would have to push two valves to a later outage.

However, we misjudged the abilities of how quickly United Energy Services could mobilize and perform this work.  Your team of Millwrights lead by Trevor Lysne worked as a well-oiled machine to complete this project ahead of schedule in just two days. Incredible work from top to bottom by your organization!  They all were extremely knowledgeable, worked safely, and were willing to provide help whenever and wherever possible.  A true definition of a team!  The quality of craftsmanship from your team was impeccable!

United Energy Services’ team has a reputation of taking care of their clients, and we experienced this first hand on this project. We commend you on a job well done.  United Energy Services allowed us to turn over the complex to our clients on-time.  We look forward to working with you on future projects.

Patrick Wiley
Unit 3 Site Supervisor – Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas, Inc.

We recently replaced our spider piping on 3 HRSG’s that have been in commercial operation since December 1988. We have had leaks with the couplings attaching the sweeps to the header for the past 3 or so years. This year we decided to replace all of the sweeps and went to the vendor of the HRSG to try to procure the parts that were no longer available. The OEM redesigned the parts and sent us out a drawing package to approve of and we got the replacement parts in.

United Energy Services got the job to install these parts. When they arrived on site to begin work, they were impressively organized with all of the duties that they had to perform. The supervision was second to none. Bruce Grissom did a fantastic job keeping the work organized and flowing at a great pace. He made sure that the staffing levels were appropriate at all times and the staff was qualified. Bruce and his staff kept the work area spotless and the staff stayed in the area they were assigned to.

I am definitely pleased with the outcome of the project. I have a superior product at the end of the day with a reasonable cost. These folks know what they are doing and they get it done quick and accurate. I will most certainly use their services again.

Johnny Lanthorn
Power Plant Maintenance Supervisor – Public Works Commission of the City of Fayetteville, NC

I appreciate all of United’s support during the Brunswick County outage.  I can always count on the United Services Group team to perform quality work and do it safely.

Eric Conner, PE, PMP
Warranty Manager – Fluor

United Energy Services machined out and replaced three large welds between the main steam stop and control valves at one of our generating stations. Based on our previous experience with another outfit, we were initially concerned that the proposed crew size was too small and the proposed schedule was too short. Despite our concerns, United Energy Services was able to complete the project safely and on schedule with no additional crew members. The quality of the welds were among the best we have seen.

United Energy Services’ home office personnel were very professional, knowledgeable, and extremely responsive. Based on the overall experience, we expect to use their services again in the future.

Mitch Anderson
Principal Mechanical Engineer – Salt River Project

I wanted to reach out and thank you for helping with our recent project in Wilsonville, Alabama.  Your team did a phenomenal job helping us complete our project ahead of schedule.  I commend your organization for the quality of service you provided us through the duration of this project.

We reached out to United Technical Services because we knew you would be able to provide us quality craft and supervision to help us maintain the strict deadline we had for this project.  Your team did not disappoint us and they were able to step up and deliver quality welds while onsite.  United is becoming synonymous with quality and efficiency in this industry.

The 40 boilermaker welders, as well as your project supervision, you provided to our job site all showed up ready to work and performed their jobs both safely and efficiently.  They all provided quality welds through the duration of their tasked assignments.  They helped and were very beneficial in the revamping of two air preheaters, repairing multiple inlet and outlet duct work, as well as replacing three outlet duct expansion joints.

In addition to your team’s job scope, I want to applaud them for stepping up and going well above and beyond helping in every aspect to help keep this project heading in the right direction.  They all rolled up their sleeves and did whatever they needed to help us on the job site.

United Technical Services is a valuable tool to have in our toolbox and we look forward to growing this partnership.  I would strongly recommend your services to any looking for a specialty contractor that is committed to their clients.

Johnny Horton
Mechanical Maintenance Manager – Vulcan Industrial Contractors

I, as well as our team at Zachry, want to reach out and praise you for a job well done.  United Services Group really delivered on the recent turnkey valve replacement projects for  Zachry  at both the Cape Canaveral Energy Center and the Riviera Beach  Energy Center in Florida.  Also, your team’s help during the emergency flange repair at Riviera Beach did not go unnoticed. The teams you provided us made these jobs a great success because you were able to deliver in three really important areas:  quick mobilization, efficient execution, and quality service.

I commended your team on the swift mobilization to our job sites once the outage schedules were set, and for being flexible with changes to the schedules for some of the unit outages.  Your ability to mobilize  quickly kept our jobs on schedule.  The groups  of supervisors, machinists and welders were all extremely knowledgeable, showed up ready to work, and executed these project rapidly and efficiently.

Between the two job sites, United Energy Services performed six warranty valve replacements for level control valves on our external feedwater piping with zero indications!  The teams’ execution was impeccable. The planning efforts for the machining, welding, and the pre and post-weld heat treating activities, were well-organized and efficient. The quality of work and expertise in executing these specialty projects  is  a staple of United on our job sites.

In addition to the six valve replacements, your team was able to step up and respond immediately to help our efforts on-site by completing an emergency flange repair and re-facing.  The ability for your team to perform both the valve replacements and the emergency work simultaneously is a testament to the staff you employ and your commitment to providing your clients with superior service.  We greatly appreciate your company’s efforts and look forward to working with your team on projects in the near future.

Scott Barrow
Warranty Coordinator – Zachry Group

Recently, United Services Group was contracted to perform weld repairs on equipment at our facility located in El Dorado, AR. The project required your team to work around the clock for 10 days during periods of record heat and humidity with most of the work being performed from scaffolding. Repairs included work on ASME coded pressure vessels with a variety of base metals ranging from carbon steel to Monel. At the peak of repairs we had over 60 welders and fitters working in various locations and on different pieces of equipment simultaneously.

The welders were very well trained and talented individuals with each passing, without issue, the certification requirements for the particular type of welding that would be required. In addition to your skilled craftsmen your organization provided outstanding field project management support. Richard Hudson, Project Manager, led and directed the crews in a professional manner that resulted in a successful project.

The entire team was focused on getting the job completed as efficiently as possible while maintaining a safe working environment. From the start of the project until the last welding lead was rolled and secured the entire team worked seamlessly and professionally.  I would strongly recommend the services of United Services Group.

This was not the first time we have experienced this type of success working with United Services Group and in the future, as the need arises, we will be asking for your support again.

Michael S. Morris, CMRP
Plant Reliability Engineer and Project Manager – TETRA Technologies, Inc.

Systems Contracting commends your team on a project well done.  United Energy Services provided over 60 skilled welders and project management for the scheduled first, second, and third effect vapor body outage in El Dorado, Arkansas for Tetra Technologies. The team you provided to work with our team for this project showed up trained and ready to aid in any aspects of this project.  The welding you performed on the cone replacement on the heat exchangers, the vapor piping and the ring replacement on the monel tank helped improve the structural integrity of the plant.  The manpower you provided were knowledgeable, well trained, and they fit seamlessly with our team.  The communication and teamwork displayed by your team were top notch.  Our team, as well as the client, were very pleased with your work performance.  I look forward to working with you on future projects to come.

Richard McCuistion
Project Manager – The Systems Group

United Energy Services responded immediately to our emergent need for machinists on our Carty project in Hermiston, Oregon. They mobilized their crew and equipment to our job site the next day, on short notice, and showed up to the job site ready to work. I tasked them with completing six 18” bevels, two 10” bevels, and some counter boring. The UES team rapidly performed the work scope enabling our team to keep the job on schedule. Their quality of work was exceptional while on our job site. United Energy Services delivers highly talented craft personnel and I would recommend their services to anyone.

Rodney Holliday
Piping TFA – Mitsubishi Hitatchi Power Systems America, Inc.

I am the Quality and Welding Supervisor over the welding of the Titanium Vapor Body and heat exchanger project your team finished for Fluor last week in Texas.  I wanted to reach out and commend your team on their hard work.  From their skill set to their professional attitude I was very pleased with their work from the time they arrived on-site to the time they finished the project.  They had no problem working together with our team and would gladly use them again on further projects.  We thank you and your team for all your help on this project.

Woody Campbell
Quality and Welding Supervisor – Fluor

United Energy Services, thank you for your patience, professionalism and truly exceptional effort of your team for our project at Brunswick Station.  Your team really came through for us!

Ron McMurtry
Technical Advisor – Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas, Inc.

It was a pleasure having United Technical’s support on our outage at DuPont.  Without your support and hard work we could not have pulled this job off ahead of schedule.  The plant was very pleased with your crew’s effort on-site. Turning the unit over to our customer with a dry hydro, no safety issues, no injuries and a day a head of the operations schedule was a full team effort.  I appreciate the United crew’s willingness to pick up the slack and hit the hot spots.  Enerfab thanks you for all your efforts.

Roland Gilmore
Project Manager – Enerfab

For anyone looking for quality service, professional leadership and outstanding welders I would highly recommend United Services Group.

Michael Morris
Plant Engineer and Maintenance Reliability Engineer – TETRA Technologies

The United Energy Services team did an outstanding job completing our unique weld repair needs.  They were quick to arrive at the project job site in order to access the current situation and explain what repair options were available to us.  The technicians were easy to work with, arrived with everything they needed to complete the repair project.  They completed the task quickly and on schedule.  I would recommend United Services Group to anyone requiring a dedicated team and staff that works to go above and beyond expectations for the clients they work for.

Richard Hamilton
Project Manager – Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas, Inc.

I am the Plant Manager at Alabama Power’s Plant Greene County.  I wanted to reach out and personally thank United Services Group for the excellent team that you provided McAbee Construction in support of our recent secondary superheater replacement.  I received overwhelmingly positive feedback about your team’s productivity and performance, and I was impressed with their overall welding reject rate of just 2 percent.  Thank you for sending us your A-team.  Our project would not have been as successful without your team at United Services Group.

Riley Wells
Plant Manager – Alabama Power

Upon receiving the contract, United Energy Services has exceeded our expectations on all aspects of the project including mobilization of their team to the jobsite, the quality of their craft including supervision, quality control, and welders. Their overall welding performance has superseded all expectations on the jobsite. While on-site, the United team has successfully performed sixty-three radiographic P11, P22, and P91 heavy wall welds with a perfect 100% acceptance rate.  United Energy Services is an industry leader in Grade 91 Creep Strength Enhanced Ferritic Steel welding and I would personally recommend their specialty services.

Adam Kreft
Construction Manager – Patriot Insulation

United Energy Services were a huge part of our SMS manufacturing and fabrication facility in Lake Charles, LA. When contacted for welders, they quickly mobilized a quality team of supervision and welders to the job site. When they arrived on-site, they performed numerous projects including: rigging, staging fabrication areas, quality control, and performed duplex welding on modules during their duration on-site. While at the SMS fabrication facility, their team guided themselves professionally and provided a commitment to quality work during their entire duration on-site. I would personally recommend their welding services to anyone in the market for a team of safety and quality driven industry professionals.

Phil Badgwell II
General Manager – CB&I

Over their three month duration on-site, United Energy Services supplied our company with six flux core welders at our manufacturing facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They were contracted to complete 100% X-ray welding on 40 foot vessels which were completed thoroughly. Their flux core welding team’s welding expertise was first-class and they performed all work with a foremost emphasis on safety and quality. Collectively, the entire United Energy Services team consistently demonstrated a high level of knowledge and professionalism on-site and through their home office. Their safety record on-site was impressive, and their reputation in the industry is well-thought-of and I would highly recommend their welding services to others.

Alan Jackson
President – Heater Specialists, LLC

It’s evident United Energy Services is committed to providing the best specialty welders and machinists in the industry.  The quality, performance and attention to safety on our current project at Dominion’s Warren County Power Station has been outstanding.  The well trained craft professionals paired with quick response time and vast industry knowledge from their home office continues to exceed my expectations.  United Energy Services team mentality supports customers to be successful in all aspects of our dynamic industry.

Josh McCord
Construction Manager – Zachry Holdings, Inc.

Recently, we encountered a steam leak on an economizer vent on the Boiler #2 at the Butler-Warner Generation Plant from a previous run.  With the plant in full operation, we informed United Energy Services that we needed someone here on short notice to make the repair.  United Energy brought their project manager, Brandon Blackwell and a team of welders and quickly and efficiently mobilized.

They determined the best way to solve the problem and took care of it in a very timely and professional manner.  When United Energy Services is on-site, they were here to resolve the problem safely, quickly and correctly so we are able to get back online as fast as possible.

With the quick response and professional service provided by United Energy Services, I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Johnny Lanthorn
Maintenance Supervisor – Public Works Commission of the City of Fayetteville, NC

United Technical Services did a marvelous job as a specialty welding contractor on a recent project for B&W Canada, Ltd.  The project completed consisted of project oversight, orbital welding training and equipment rental at the North Atlantic Refinery Plant in Come By Chance, Newfoundland.  From the moment we awarded this project to United Technical Services, we knew we made the correct decision.

The nuances of doing business in a foreign country are usually the cause of many delays for U.S. based businesses entering into Canada but United Technical Services was able to navigate these with simplicity and rapidly deployed both the equipment and site personnel quickly through Canadian customs and to site.  The home office team was able to have all equipment and personnel on-site and working within a few days.  Their Project oversight team were prompt, knowledgeable and thorough when it came to training our on-site staff personnel operating the orbital welding equipment which accelerated the schedule of this project.

As a new contractor, their commitment to safety, quality, and affordability for the clients is unparalleled in this industry and I would personally recommend United Technical Services for any project in which they bid.

Paul Langdon
Senior Project Manager – Babcock & Wilcox Canada, Ltd.

I want to thank United Services for all the good work here at KBR in West Palm Beach, FL.  United has risen the quality and performance of work here on-site.  Your Project Manager, Blaine Jones, has taken immediate care of us and handled many issues before they happened. We appreciate that attention to detail.  Looking back, bringing in United Energy Services as a tube welding subcontractor was the most viable solution we could of made from a quality standpoint on this project.  We would gladly recommend your services to everyone.  Your reputation on-site speaks for itself.

Rick Goolsby
Project Construction Manager – KBR Power Division – KBR, Inc.

United Energy Services’ work on this Seminole project has been a great success in all aspects of the scope of work.  Thank you and your team for providing quality welding and oversight.  I am very thankful for the flawless performance.

Eddy Rios-Anderson
Senior Plant Mechanical Engineer – Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc.

United Energy Services completed six various welding and machining project tasks over the past month for Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems America.  All work was completed expeditiously and professionally.  Thank you for your support and quality craftsmanship, it will be my pleasure to work with your team in the future.

Joshua Sturgeon
Technical Field Advisor – Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems America

United Services Group lived up to their slogan of ‘providing service excellence’ while performing a project for us at Dominion’s Warren County plant.  They were attentive to the needs of the project and supplied us a team of welders and supervision who were able to critically weld, maintain scheduled scope and provided us with remarkable quality of work.  The Iberville Insulation’s team was extremely satisfied with your commitment to your customers.

Cliff Hoon
Project Superintendent – Iberville Companies, LLC

A big thanks to United Services Group from the KBR SWA Project for your team’s commitment to providing the highest quality welders and leadership on-site.  We look forward to working together in future business endeavors and would recommend your services to anyone.

Brian Ford
Quality Assurance Project Manager – KBR, Inc.

United Services Group stepped in and helped deliver a client of ours superior welding service at EMJ Steel.  We placed you in a bit of a time crunch and you stepped up and got the job done right.  We appreciate your willingness to go the extra mile.

Darragh Klemons
General Manager – JF Lomma, Inc.

United Services Group’s attention to detail is unmatched in the industry.  Their home office and field staff are committed to providing us with excellence for the entire length of the project.  We were impressed with the quality of field supervision and welders that were assigned to our project.  On-site, United’s team was safety-minded and driven to make quality welds.  United was a vital part of our project and contributed to its overall success.

Bob Knosby
Vice President – Coast International