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United Services Group celebrates 4th Anniversary

To all our customers, employees, and vendors:

First and foremost, Thank you. Why there are too many individuals to name here who took a chance on us as either a customer, employee or vendor, know that we are extremely honored that you provided us an opportunity to build this company. Without every one of you, we wouldn’t be here today celebrating our fourth anniversary.

When we came together in 2013 to form United Services Group, we envisioned a specialty services company based on service excellence. This philosophy was driven by three things: being the safest company in the industry, providing the best quality in the industry, and most importantly, the individuals we employ.  Today, we are a power industry leader because of this commitment.

To our clients and customers:  Even though the both of us had built relationships as well as achieved industry successes at different organizations, we thank you for believing in us. We appreciate your willingness to take a chance on us during our infancy years. From day one, we didn’t want to be just a contractor, but as your partner, who would help find ways to make your projects successful.  To this day, we continue to make this commitment by providing accurate cost assessments as well as confident scheduling for your project needs. These assessments along with our field experience have enabled us to complete our job scope and deliver our projects on time, ahead of schedule, and under budget.

To our employees: We are humbled by your commitment to our team and from the bottom of our hearts, thank you. From our first day in business, we built a company culture, both on-site and in our home office, to encourage each of you to take a hands-on approach in all aspects of our company for continual company improvement and advancement. I can say your willingness to challenge different aspects of our organization has allowed us to grow exponentially during these first four years and for that, we are extremely thankful. As we continue to grow, we will continue to challenge each of you to provide the safest, quality-driven services to every customer daily. As we move forward, we will continue to recognize and honor each of you.

To our vendors: Thank you for seeing our vision and working with us from the very beginning. We relied on you to provide us with various services, equipment, and products with stringent deadlines and you have delivered. We are thankful to have built such successful relationships with you to allow our business to grow. We will continue to rely on you.

During these last four years, we have been thankful for our growth, but we will not rest on our laurels.  We are committed to our vision of being a company built on service excellence.  We will continue to push all aspects of our business to be better, more successful, and we’re driven to be the industry name for project success.

In these four years, all of us have contributed to over 450+ projects, employing over 500 individuals, working over 700,000 man hours without a lost time injury or accident, maintaining a welding reject rate of less than two percent, we have formed and started five United Services Group subsidiaries, built an equipment fleet, and purchased a company headquarters.  None of this would have been successful without the people we employ or do business with.  We are extremely thankful for your support and dedication to United Services Group.

Here is to continued success for years to come,


Josh Armstrong & Stephen Gillman
Co-Owners, United Services Group

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