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Welding Conference Recap

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA (SEPTEMBER 30, 2016) – On September 21, 2016, United Services Group participated in the third annual Welding and Heat Technology Conference presented by Miller Welding in Houston, Texas.

Our owners, Josh Armstrong and Stephen Gillman, were invited by Mike Lang of Fluor, to speak as part of the keynote presentation on “New Risks and New Rewards in Welding along the Gulf Coast”.   Their portion of the presentation focused on recognizing split scope opportunities and when to consider outsourcing work to a specialty contractor.

The presentation covered the risk assessment of a general contractor, the impact of rework, safety and quality on a project, and how specialty contractors could help control these factors while providing value to general contractors on a project.

“We were able to communicate the value of a specialty contractor to the audience.  Being able to provide general contractors with a specialty service that focuses on safety and quality, really provides them a lot of value.”  Stephen Gillman said following the conference.  “We were able to show the audience and GCs (general contractors) that they really save long term in scheduling, cost, and safety by outsourcing to a specialty contractor.”

Following the conference, United Services Group CEO, Josh Armstrong said “this was overall a great experience.  We were able to provide value to everyone who walked through the door for the conference, which makes it all worthwhile.  We are thankful to Mike (Lang), Scott (Witkowski), Chris (Goocher), and Miller for allowing us to be a part of the conference.” 

He concluded, “we work daily to provide our clients with service excellence and I think that came through with our presentation. The benefit of a specialty contractor is the value they bring to the project. That value is exceptional safety, quality, accountability, and effective work.  It was easy to preach these things because this is what we provide every day in our business.”

As a company, United Services Group was honored to take part in the 3rd Annual Welding and Heat Treating Technology keynote presentation and to be able to provide value as an industry expert.  We want to thank Mike Lang and Chris Goocher with Fluor and Scott Witkowski with Maverick Testing Laboratories for allowing us this opportunity.

3rd Annual Welding and Heat Treating Conference
3rd Annual Welding and Heat Treating Conference
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United Services Group offers both union and non-union field welding, machining and heat treatment services with expertise in maintenance, life extension, specialty engineering and new construction applications.  United Services Group provides our customers with a partner with over 200 years of combined experience in the power generation market.  For more information, visit

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